4 Amazing Things You Will Find only on This Indoor Cycling App


Are you an experienced cyclist or have you just found the love for cycling? Cycling can be practised in a number of ways. If you are someone who is interested in just the fun aspect of it, then you are lucky. This is because when you fix a hard and mighty fitness goal with it, it could become daunting and slightly worrying. Many people don’t understand that whatever be the workout or fitness regime that you follow, it should be fun for you. Without the fun part, no amount of fitness can be achieved. This is why many people shift to the Vingo app for their cycling needs. It is a versatile indoor cycling app that can be used across a number of devices and a large number of exercise bikes. In this article, let us find out the 4 unique and amazing things that are available on Vingo but not on other apps. 

A Realistic Virtual World This Good

First and foremost, any cycling app should provide a good visual impact. If you don’t have that, it is not going to inspire or motivate you to stay fit. More importantly, without the fun in cycling you won’t be inclined to workout at all. In Vingo, you can find a realistic virtual world that can amaze you. The visuals that you will see and experience in the app will be breathtaking. You can start using the app with just a few customisations.

Easy Pairing with Many Exercise Equipment

The speed at which you can pair a device and the exercise bike with the Vingo app is amazing. If you have the latest models of mobile phones and exercise cycles, then pairing can be done under 30s. Even if you don’t have inbuilt sensors, you can use an ANT+ sensor to make the connection seamless. This is why more and more people practising indoor cycling are shifting to Vingo.

One Free Account with As Many As 8 Profiles

No matter how good an app is, if it is not affordable then you will not be able to use it continuously. With Vingo you can use it for your online cycling sessions. The app is free for download and usage on iOS and windows devices. Soon you can also find the versions for Android and Mac. What is more interesting is that you can create as many as 8 profiles in an account. So, you can save the data of your whole family in one account itself. This helps if you are planning to purchase premium features for your family.

Support for Running and Cycling Sessions

Another interesting advantage of shifting to the Vingo app today is that you can use it for almost all of your exercises. You can use it as a jogging app for your daily morning jogs. You simply unpair your exercise bike and connect it with a treadmill. The connection will happen in seconds and you are ready to jog in the virtual arena. So, what are you waiting for?

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