AnyClip snaps up $47M for its video search and analytics technology


We, humans, get intrigued by the things we see. This quality of our visual appeal is also utilized in the business community for obtaining high web traffic. Today’s world practically moves online thanks to video, which makes up 82% of all IP traffic this year. A startup named AnyClip announced a significant round of funding to boost its operations after experiencing 600% growth in the previous year. The startup has developed a collection of tools that several other firms can use for assistance in better analyzing, indexing, and ultimately locating that treasure trove of content.

AnyClip 47m Series

AnyClip, the award-winning video intelligence company, has recently announced that it has closed a $47 million Series B funding round as per anyclip 47m series jvp lundentechcrunch.

AnyClip is best known for its video search and analytics technology, which is used by media companies to understand better how their content is consumed and how it performs. The company will use this raise of funding of $47 million to expand its platform. AnyClip blends machine learning with more conventional search techniques to offer many better-advanced algorithms for content producers to enhance how those films may be utilized and viewed.

Anyclip Has Already Built A Robust Suite Of Products

AnyClip has already built a robust suite of products that allow its customers to quickly search for and discover the best videos to use in their campaigns, as well as measure the performance of their videos and optimize them for maximum impact. The company is also looking to leverage its technology to develop new products that will make it easier for publishers, marketers, and advertisers to create videos tailored to their audience and optimized to reach their desired results. AnyClip’s technology has already been adopted by some of the world’s leading media companies, including ESPN, NBCUniversal, and Fox Sports.

Jerusalem Venture Partners is leading the investment, and La Maison, Bank Mizrahi, and other investors are also actively participating. Despite raising $70 million to date, the company has not publicly disclosed its assessment, but on good authority that it is somewhere in the range of $300 million. 

Where Is Anyclip Headquartered

AnyClip, which was established in Tel Aviv and is now co-headquartered in New York, is solving the problem that there is a tonne of video available online and that it continues to be one of the most popular content distribution channels, whether you’re a consumer binge-watching a Netflix series, someone looking for a lost piece of classical music through YouTube, a professional user on Zoom, or anything very much in the middle. The issue is that when individuals search, they typically only skim the surface.

In most circumstances, it’s extremely difficult, and some could even argue that it’s unattainable to explore it in an effective manner. It isn’t only because presenters modify algorithms to make viewers watch certain topics rather than others.

It’s not inconceivable, according to tech startups like AnyClip. Utilizing deep learning algorithms using computer vision, NLP, speech-to-text, OCR, proprietary key frame identification, and closed captioning to “read” the content in videos. Millions of keywords, persons, companies, items, and actions can all be recognized, and it can create taxonomies based on the content of the videos. They may be determined by a variety of factors, including content categorization, brand safety, or client requests.

Gil Becker, the chief executive officer of AnyClip, says that AnyClip hosts the movies it currently works with on Amazon and that the reading and indexing process is 10x quicker than in real-time.

As you can expect, there are a variety of possible uses for the collected data and what may be done with it. Now, according to Gil Becker, AnyClip is finding a significant market among companies searching for methods to organize their media content more effectively for a variety of applications, whether those use cases are internal, Business-to-business, or aimed at helping users find things more easily.

For media firms, AnyClip develops an online streaming webpage encounter that imitates the features and aesthetics of the most well-known clip services available today while also providing access to sophisticated video capabilities backed by AnyClip’s AI platform for their product that allows businesses to convert any collection into a “Netflix or YouTube-like” repository, producing streams and broadcast channels. AnyClip was picked from among hundreds of startups because of these mentioned reasons.

The development of the exploration and finding capabilities that AnyClip sells today was made possible by an intriguing past. With a notion that is directly related to its name, it got its start back in 2009: It allowed media firms to make movie clips that could be uploaded to a website and shared online. They may be located using a variety of taxonomy created by users, AnyClip employees, and the corporation’s analytics. If you will, compare it to a Giphy prior to it becoming cool.

Erel Margalit, founder of JVP and chairman of AnyClips, asserts that a revolution is about to take place in the way businesses use video to transmit their message and their identity.

He added that AI meets video for the first time. In all sectors where video predominates considerably more than text, businesses and organizations are now attempting to use this to develop a new style of communication, both internally and publicly. Whether it’s learning how to organize conferences hosted by streaming on Zoom that require efficient management in the collecting of information or how to generate videos for clients or instructional videos for the corporation, AnyClip is an essential tool for everybody entering this new era.

The goal of AnyClip is to provide the most effective and efficient advertising platform while assisting its clients in understanding how their material is used and how well it operates. With this additional funding, AnyClip will be able to broaden its platform and build new products that will enable its users to produce even more potent and compelling films. Additionally, AnyClip offers in-depth statistics and insights that help clients better understand how their material is used and how well it works.

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