Isreal Based Exodigo, which maps subterranean spaces with Ai sensors Raises $29M.


Exodigo Drone technology is finding its use in various commercial places for multiple reasons. McKinsey states that the economic impact of the retail drone market is likely to increase from $1 billion to $ 31 billion by 2026. In general, drones are applied in inspection, mapping and surveying, filming and localization, and tracking, and the industries state that drone technology helped them considerably cut costs and save time. 

Exodigo 29m Series

Exodigo is a new startup in drone technology. It claims that its software can create 3D maps of underground and artificial pipes, soil layers, cables, minerals, and groundwater. 

The company Exodigo has now announced $29 million in seed funding. It is co-led by Zeev Ventures and 10D Ventures, SquarePeg Capital, Ventures, JIBE, Tidhar Construction, Israel Canada, and WXG Ltd.

Exodigo was co-founded in 2021 by Jerry Suard and Ido Gonen, who both served in Israeli Military Intelligence. These founders challenge that their software is superior to the existing software in all possible ways as per exodigo 29m series ventureswiggersventurebeat.

They also state that their software can deliver a digital map showing what is precisely present on any surface without further interpretation. The software can also scan a vast area with high accuracy. They also explain that drones are complex to use in urban environments, but their software is suitable for high-precision ground platforms.

Approach Of Exodigo:

According to the statement by Suard, the company includes 35 employees. It leverages a combination of non-intrusive subsurface imaging technologies that can fuse data from on-drone or on-cart sensors that help detect buried objects.

Exodigo, in its first live demonstration, identified the ground utilities and layers in a remote and unmapped area in Israel. In general, subsurface mapping is challenging as the soil absorbs the electromagnetic spectrum and prevents the sensors from identifying the soil’s surface. 

The electromagnetic properties of the soil are subject to variation depending on the water content and medium condition. 

Suard explains that Exodigo’s use of multiple sensors and “proprietary AI” assists in overcoming these challenges to some extent. He also states that their platform can provide a safe and fast way for the users to get a complete view of underneath the surface that could help predict the surface. 

Suard states that Exodigo ends the era of blind digs and gives the companies an accurate and easy-to-understand map of the underneath surface. Exodigo also empowers companies by saving time, money, and even lives. In short, it is understood better that the technology is the combination of MRI, CT scan, and Ultrasound all in one stop that helps in imaging the underlying factors of the ground. 

Business Expansion:

Exodigo is now expanding its market, competing with Emesent, and developing software to enable drones to map subterranean places. Suard explains that Exodigo’s solution is entirely different from other solutions by its preciseness and high speed. 

Exodigo is planning to start pilot projects in California, Florida, and Texas, and the funding supports the expansion of the market by focusing on building a California-based team. 

Suard states that with access to government support, they can use multiple terrains with ground truth for AI training with a wide range of terrain types and utilities. The approach allowed them to generate proprietary data and let them create an extensive dataset. 

Suard continues that their core expertise and the primary advance of AI are to see how to normalize the low signal-to-noise ratio and super noisy signals to matrices that the AI is trained on. 

Moreover, Suard state that they remain to excel in multichannel signal processing, and they have completed demonstration of projects with several design partners and with top Israeli construction companies.  

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