Jack Matfil’s: How Jack Matfil’s parents met


The son of Jamie Bell and Evan, Jack Matfin Bell is a famous American child. His parents work in the entertainment field . His father, Jamie, is well-known for playing a young adult in Billy Elliot, a comedy-drama. Evan, Jack’s mother, is renowned for playing Chloe Waters in the Profiler series, on the other hand. In addition to acting and dancing, Jamie Matfil is a British actor and dancer. Evan Rachel, who is now his ex-wife, is also a well-known singer.

Jack Matfil enjoys a famous lifestyle despite being young and having divorced parents because of their influence.

Jack Matfil’s Biography

Hollywood celebrities Jamie Matfil Bell and Evan Rachel welcomed Jack Matfin Bell into the world in July 2013. There are no specifics on his birthplace or day of birth. Jack Matfil’s parents divorced in 2015 and have been co-parenting ever since to raise their son.

The famous youngster has a step-sister from his father’s prior relationship with Kate Mara who was born in 2019, however there are no further details available. Born in the United Kingdom, Jack Matfil turned 15 in July 2023.  Jack Matfil’s academic background is unknown, but it is assumed that he is enrolled in school.


Jack Matfil doesn’t yet have a career of his own because he is still a young child, but it is thought that in the future he might pursue a career in entertainment as his parents have.

American actress and activist Evan Rachel Wood is the mother of Jack Matfin Bell. She gained notoriety for her roles as Veda Pierce in the HBO miniseries Mildred Pierce and Kylie in Practical Magic. Evan has received three Golden Globes for Best Performance, in addition to other nominations. -/

How Jack Matfil’s parents met

Evan Rachel and Jamie Bell met during the Sundance Film Festival. In contrast to Jamie Matfin Bell, who is an English actor, Evan Rachel is an American actress.

Various articles and websites claim that they first became friends while filming the Wake Me Up When September Ends music video. The couple apparently fell passionately in love while they were filming their video. After meeting and getting close, the pair decided to part ways.

Following their breakup, Rachel started dating rock musician and actor Marilyn Manson. The union, however, was short-lived, and she later reconnected with Jamie. They resumed where they left off five years after they parted up. They even declared their engagement in 2010 after reconciling. The couple wed in May 2010 and divorced on May 28, 2014.

His father, Jamie, is expecting a child with Kate Moss, who is his current spouse.

According to a story by the Daily Mail, a spokeswoman for the couple claimed that they had only recently made the decision to separate and had come to an understanding.

Net Worth

Jack Matfin Bell has not yet begun working, so he does not now have any established sources of money. The riches of his parents, though, allows him to live well. Even Rachel Wood, his mother, is thought to be worth $8 million. In a similar vein, Jamie Bell, his father, is much wealthier, with an estimated net worth of $11 million.

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