Kinds of Senior Care Franchise Opportunities

Kinds of Senior Care Franchise Opportunities

When you want to buy a car, you’d definitely have a lot of choices lined up. These choices include color, make, model, year of production, and many more. You will be overwhelmed-by choice. It is the same when considering a franchise business. The range of franchise business available leaves you spoilt for choice. One highly lucrative franchise to consider is senior care. If you are in Georgia and are looking for a franchise to buy, don’t miss the senior care franchise opportunity in Augusta GA. While there are lots of franchise companies to choose from, there are core differences in what they have to offer.

It might be difficult to spot the difference when considering a senior care franchise opportunity in Augusta GA simply because they all seem to offer similar services. It may also be difficult for an average person to differentiate between home care and home health care. No doubt, they are two different models offering unique services but they sometimes complement each other. Another model in this industry is the assisted living facilities.

Each of these models offers distinct charges with different overhead costs. The cost and process of acquiring an operational license are also not the same. For those who want to take advantage of a senior care franchise opportunity in Augusta GA, it is expedient that you spot the difference and get detailed information about each model before investing. The key difference includes budget, equipment required, and skills if needed.

Home Care

Home care does not concern itself with health care. It is primarily built to assist the elderly with activities of daily living such as taking a bath, getting dressed, eating, and taking part in games as well as other activities. Staffs at home care facilities usually provide assistance for residents who can’t walk without support, help in meal preparation and house chores as well as providing medication reminders.

Home care services have different payment options. These options include Veterans Aid, worker’s compensation, long-term care insurance, attendance benefits, and many more. This model has one of the least costs of entry.

Home Healthcare

Home healthcare requires the expertise and experience of skilled healthcare workers. Staff at these facilities must have undergone training in the following fields: nursing, physical therapy, and occupational therapy. The major difference in this kind of service is the payment option. Consumers will have to pay using Medicare and Medicaid, so this requires an expert in the business who can easily get access to government funding.

The cost of entry is quite high due to the high overhead costs and liability insurance premiums.

Assisted Living Placement

This is one of the latest models in the business with a low cost of startup. Assisted living placement takes off the burden associated with searching for the right facility for your loved one. They do the homework and provide you with options that best suit your needs.

The main similarity between these models is that they provide company to those who feel unsafe or lonely staying alone.

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