SEO Services

SEO services should be a powerful driver of leads and sales for your business. At PivotWeb, we have a proven track record of helping businesses like yours grow and to enjoy the benefits of the web.

When a person is looking for something, they no longer open the phonebook to find it. Instead, they type what they want to find into Google, Yahoo or Bing and thanks to the popularity of fast smartphones, this activity is no longer limited to when someone is in front of a computer. People are now able to use search engines regardless of where they are.

SEO is therefore vitally important to any modern business since 80% of all traffic directed to your website are done by search engines. Ranking high in search engines for keyword phrases that are related to your products or services will bring targeted visitors to your website every single day and more likely these visitors can become a lead or customer because this traffic is very targeted to your business offerings.


Why SEO Is Beneficial To Your Business?

When someone searches for a phrase related to your business, they’re going to get results. So if you’re not investing in increasing your search engine visibility, it means those potential customers are going to end up on the website of one of your competitors who is making this investment.

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