What Is Edge Computing?

What Is Edge Computing?

Finding your own distinctive commodity trading edge is a goal that is worthwhile. Without one you are missing in the masses, unable to push on your mind. Trading edges do exist for time periods that are brief. Psychological edges are more permanent. You need many. Keep reading to find how to begin finding yours. I cringe when I hear the word when talking about trading. It reeks of computer optimisation optimised mush, no flexibility. A much better term is trading method. A commodity trading strategy is something that has and rigid. We will need to know when to bend the principles.

This brings a way from the course into one that has a border an edge. Option traders the best commodity futures on the planet are types verses rule. There are exceptions. For a 100% instinctive agreed, but allows shift. Where do we see our trading edge? Is it in mentor, book, the latest applications, web seminar, or right here? The border is in you, although it may be found pieces here, pieces there. Sounds mystic, but it is the truth. You have to devote the time to come up with your OWN edge that most do not have. And yours will change with time.

At one stage back in the late 60’s and 70’s, for example, commodity futures dealers had utilization of computers. It had been found which even a simple exponential moving average worked well for that the regular trend markets of the era. Moving average commodity dealers did well since that the markets were trending nicely. As more dealers caught on, the successful trending systems started to get diced. You’ll notice that a lot of the new and emerging international markets start out with smooth trends till they mature and after that start the chop cycle as shift moves in. It is all parts of that the never ending evolutionary commodity trading game and marketplace.

There are several effective, but simple, long term trending methods out there. Almost any strategy will work at one opportunity or another. The broadest, loosest trading methods will last that the longest, whilst the most optimised last the shortest time. The famous Turtles used a break out from the 40 day moving average for several years. They added a filter called n. Two losers at a row = 2n. Two winners = +2n. A winner and loser = 0n. The more losing trades at a row, that the more frustrated that the masses and that the more likely that the next trade will be a winner.

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